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Today’s Article

Toronto Mortgage Brokers – How To Choose The Right Toronto Mortgage Broker

Tips For Finding the Right Toronto Mortgage Broker


There are a lot of Toronto mortgage brokers and the key to getting your guaranteed installment loans for bad credit approved the first time with a great interest rate is knowing how to choose the right one.


Here are some tips when choosing the right Toronto mortgage broker for you:


Tip #1: If a mortgage broker offers you a special deal, ask about the special conditions. You know the old saying ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’. Keep that in mind when assessing deals and weigh up what’s right for you.


Tip #2: Make sure your mortgage broker is experienced and aggressive. There is nothing worse than having a mortgage broker who won’t fight for you. They should do whatever it takes to get you approved and give you the best possible interest rate.


Tip #3: Choose a Toronto mortgage firm that appreciates good customer service. You should be able to reach your mortgage broker by phone anytime you have a question. And if you leave a message then they should return your call right away.


Tip #4: Internet mortgage brokers should make their offers in writing. Nothing is solid until it’s in black and white. Print out the pages with the offer and keep them filed for reference.


Tip #5: Make written notes of all dates, times, names and offers. Keep it all in one folder in case there is a dispute later and you need evidence to back up your claim. Remember, it’s their word against yours, until someone has a record of it!


Tip #6: Check if the Toronto mortgage broker has an office. If so, go there to see how busy it is and how professional it appears. Anyone can start a business, but it takes a professional to make it work.


Tip #7: Ask your mortgage broker on what basis they make their recommendations. Mortgage brokers are paid commissions to sell loans, so make sure you ask plenty of questions about the commissions they are paid.


Choosing the right Toronto mortgage brokers can make all the difference in the world. Make sure you take the time to do your research and it’s important you feel good about which one you end up going with.

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